Build your own transport business and make it profitable



Simutrans is an open source and multiplatform game based on the legendary Transport Tycoon, which allows you to establish a complete transportation system for passengers and goods. It includes ground, air and sea travel, within a world full of towns and cities that is generated at random by the computer. The names of the cities are real.

The main means of transport in Simutrans are bus, truck, train, boat and plane. You not only have to construct the necessary infrastructure for them to operate (highways, bridges, tracks), but you will also have designate responsibility for vehicle maintenance, ensure communication between industries, etc.

Each mean of transport presents different vehicle models. You will have to acquire the right vehicle for the job you wish to accomplish (for example, you need a specialized vehicle for transporting logs). There are up to 40 factories present in Simutrans, with 35 raw materials available. Be careful with your finances, since that's the only way you can expand your transportation business.

Simutrans has different design packages that you can download from the program's website, and that are necessary for the game to work.

You must download at least one graphic package and copy it to the folder where you have the game launcher (simutrans.launch). The privately downloaded version of Simutrans comes with the graphic package pak64.